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When to Color Your Hair

hair coloring tips

When there is an even, women will most probably update an already existing style or they would change their style altogether. One rule not to miss when women want to color their hair before an event is not to have the procedure done the day before the event. This will not give them time to adjust or change the style or hair color when something goes wrong like having a bad shade.

If a woman would want to have permanent hair color, the coloring process should be done a few weeks prior to the big event. This is done so the color has time to settle in. If women still have no time to do some coloring and women should not choose some drastic color to avoid accidents.

A semi-permanent color may also be done a few weeks before but if a woman applies a do-it-yourself kit, she needs to apply the color a few days before the big day so the color will still be at its best state.

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Coloring Your Hair With Two Colors

2 color short hairstyle

These days it is simply not enough to color your hair with just one color. Now, you can add a little bit of extra spice to your hair with 2 different colors! Many stylists these days are becoming trained to use 2 different colors for their clients. This is a very good skill to have and if you find that your stylist can do this, make sure that you take advantage of that!

The first thing that you need to look at first is your style. You need to ensure that you have that bold style. This style is usually common among those who are very self confident. Going bold with 2 hair colors at the same time is another great sign of self confidence. Once you decide to actually take the leap you need to choose your colors. Ensure that the colors you choose match. This is a very important aspect of the process. If the colors you choose do not match, then everything is going to look a little bit strange. Talk to your stylist about the various color schemes that might work for you. From there you need to think about the color placement. Most people get the bottom portion of the hair dyed darker than the top portion.

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Red Hair Color Looks Fabulous


Two of the most famous blonds of Hollywood, Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson became redheads of late as a requirement for their new movie roles. They both look gorgeous and the red hair looks fabulous on them. If you are a certified blond and you are tempted to go red, here are some things you need to know:

Layer the colors
A single or solid color may emerge as flat and without depth. To avoid this, layer several variants of red over each other. This way it will appear as one color with a lot of texture, and not just one chunk of red. A darker red can be applied on the scalp and a lighter version for the rest of the hair. Add a fine brownish-red lowlights right through the hair and put restrained highlights on the ends so that the hair does not look too dark. Another way to create depths on red hair is to have a lighter top, maybe a bright copper tone with specks of golden hues, with dark red underneath.

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Tips for Choosing Hair Color

New Hair Color

If you want to change your look dramatically, then change your hair color. There are a lot of hair color options that you can choose from, but to get the best result here are some tips for choosing hair color that can help you.

• Before even considering a hair color, know first your skin tone. Knowing exactly what your skin tone is will make the difference between a disastrous and a successful change of hair color. The color of your eyes as well as your natural hair color are also factors to consider

• If you belong to the ranks of women with warm skin tones, warm hair colors such as rich golden brown, chestnut, honey, caramel blonde or auburn will look terrific on you. The results will be doubly awesome if you have hazel, green or brown eye color.

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