Celebrity Trends: Bob Hairstyles Variations


Bob hairstyles are popular because they are easily adaptable to suit the individual. If you are thinking of going for this type of cut but are not sure what variation of the bob haircut to go for then a good source of inspiration is looking at celebrities who sport similar hairstyles. Examine what it is about their face shape and the bob style that compliments each other. Here are some of the most on trend bob celebrity hairstyles.

Katie Holmes’ Bob

Katie Holmes has got a classic bob that will suit almost any wearer. You can wear this style straightened for a sleek and chic look, or with the ends of the hair flicked outwards for a sexier and more tousled look.

Katie Holmes Bob Haircut Style

Victoria Beckham’s Bob

Victoria Beckham has a very on-trend variation of the classic bob. The funky cut accentuates and compliments her angular facial features. If you have a long, swan like neck and pretty, petite features then this style will definitely suit you.

Victoria Beckham Bob Hair

Rihanna’s Bob

Rihanna is still currently one of the most commonly requested bob hair styles, despite the fact she has changed her look numerous times since. She is almost as famous for her one-time asymmetrical haircut as she is for her musical talent. It would suit anyone with an oval or a heart shaped face, especially if you have the personality to carry off such a dramatic look.

Bob by RihannaRihanna with Bob Hairstyle

Paris Hilton’s Bob

Paris Hilton’s graduated bob is a versatile variation that has a broad appeal. The sophisticated side swept bangs would look flattering on almost any face shape. This includes people with round or square shaped faces, who would typically struggle to pull off trendy, shorter styles. The asymmetry of the parting makes the top of the face look wider and over all more oval, and the extra height makes the face look longer.

Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyle

Alexa Chung’s Bob

Alexa’s take on this style of cut is a shaggy bob. It can look cute and sexy if styled right, but may look unpolished and less sophisticated if you don’t have the right features to carry it off.


Eva Longoria’s Bob

If you want to be able to tie your hair back occasionally then you have probably dismissed the bob hairstyle as being impractical for you. Consider then Eva’s long bob. It is ideal for anyone with very fine hair as it gives the illusion of more volume. However, those with wider faces may find this style accentuates that wideness – it is best kept to long or oval face shapes.

Eva Longoria Amazing Bob Hairstyle

A good stylist can advise you on the right style of bob for you.

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