Angled Bob – Great Alternative to the Traditional Short Styles

Angled Bob Idea

Ah, the bob. When the bob haircut first came around, everyone loved it. Then it became just plain boring since it seemed nearly everyone had one and were wearing them for way too long. Lately the bob has made a terrific comeback as one of the most versatile new styles with as many variations and personalities as there are people to wear it.

Katharine McPhee's angled bob hairstyle

The angled bob is a great new variation to the traditional and looks great with a round face because it makes them appear thinner. This style is great for any face shape though because of layering and length adjustments, making it extremely adaptable. A fringe in the front over the forehead gives any woman a sexy and playful look while helping her face to look softer. The hair isn’t longer than the nape of the neck and is cut at an angle (usually around 45 degrees) which gives this hairstyle a great textured look. In the front it’s always longer in the front. Some do wear it a bit longer than just the nape of the neck but even so, this style is always longer in front than back, hence the “angle”.

Angled Bob Hairstyle

If you have thin hair the angled bob is great because your hair will seem fuller. And you’ll love this style if you are someone who likes to play around with hair colorings. The layers are great for highlights, lowlights, and even bold statements such as pink or blue. It’s a great style for standing out from the crowd. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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