Short Party Hairstyles

Accessorized Short Party Hairstyle

Short party hairstyles are super chic and sophisticated. They are meant to bring out the best out of your short haircut so that you can look enchanting for that special party you’re attending. Short haircuts are pretty versatile and can be styled to suit any occasion, both casual and formal affairs such as parties or weddings.


Rihanna, the hairstyle chameleon, is one of the best inspirations for some of the most interesting short party hairstyles such as the quiff, short stack spirals, bowl hairstyle and more.

There are so many short party hairstyles options for women with short hair. With simplest of tips and tricks, you can transform your short haircut into very exciting and fascinating short party hairstyles like the following:

Crunch and curl – Creating a short party hairstyle is easy, simply add some texture to it by curling some strands of hair in front using a curling iron. Curl several strands in different direction to give the style some fun and animation. Scrunch the hair at the back to give a messy and tousled look. To give the style some height, pull up the hair at the crown and wrap it around the curling iron towards your hairline. Once the hair cools, part it in a direction of your choice and then, voila! A short party hairstyle!!!

Accessorized short party hairstyle – Short party hairstyles can be created with the use of accessories such as a headband – from a simple headband to a sparkling headband, hair barrettes with flowers, feathers, fancy bows, jeweled hairpins or flowered hairclips and more. You can slick your hair, give it a side part, tuck the ends of the hair behind the ears and put the headband or barrettes in place. This is a very easy short party hairstyle to create that will make you the center of attention at the party.

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