Short Trendy Haircuts – Choppy Layered Hairstyle

Great Looking Layered Choppy Hairstyle for Short Hair

Choppy layered hairstyles are, in essence, layered hairstyles where the bulk of the hair is considerably thinned out by using a razor to give the hair choppy layers. Choppy layered hairstyles are first cut with layers and the choppy layered look is created by a razor. These are edgy hairstyles that will satisfy the needs of women like you who are looking for versatility in their hairstyle. Although they require a lot more maintenance than some hairstyles, the sexy appeal of these hairstyles more than compensate for it. The uneven lengths of choppy layered hairstyles allows for a host of styling options to experiment with.

Choppy Hair Variations for Shorter Hair

The layers on choppy layered hairstyles build fullness and create movement to the hairstyle. Choppy layers are great for women with thin hair on top or on the sides since they tend to camouflage this imperfection. They are also ideal for neutralizing a gaunt face since they add some flesh to the cheek for a younger and fresher look.

If you’re convinced that a choppy layered hairstyle is what you need, then ask your hair stylist to give your hair short, choppy layers all through the hair. These heavy choppy layers will give definition to the hairstyle. Don’t forget to specify that what you want are square and chunky layers, the longest of which should reach roughly about the middle of the neck.

But there are also things that you should avoid if you want your choppy layered hairstyle to look great and that is the incorrect proportion of length. A choppy layered hairstyle with very long layers at the back and very short layers on the sides will make your choppy layered hairstyle look unfashionable and passé. To avoid getting this old-fashioned look, ask your stylist to cut the back not more than one half inch longer than the sides. Photos Copyright of Farouk Systems

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