The Best Haircut for Your Body Shape

short haircut style

A flattering hairstyle is important to give a dazzling appearance to your personality. A good hairstyle can highlight your best asset and make you look your younger. Always consider a haircut, which best suits, body shape. The hair texture should also be taken into consideration before going for a haircut. A perfect balance between a suitable hairstyle and a particular body shape determines a good look. There are few haircuts that suit a particular body shape.

The main objective for this kind of hairstyle should be to add some body and curve to the hair. Medium length and wavier hairstyles gives a feminine touch to the face. Long bangs and layers also suit this body type. However, with this body shape one should avoid long and straight hair, which further adds to their slimness.

For full and curvy body type:
Medium-length, layered haircut best suits this body shape. Side-partings and bangs also look good to this figure type. Too long hair should be completely avoided. Long and curly hair doesn’t suit them as well.

For petite body shape:
Medium or short length hair with layers go with their body shape. Smooth, loose hair gives them a professional look. Too long or too short hairstyle doesn’t suit them. High ponytails or braids should also be avoided.

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Bob Hairstyles Variations for 2016 Season

bob hair rihanna

For last couple of years all the hot hairstyles seem to involve bobs whether short or longer. This type of hairstyle is one that is quite versatile and can go from being a straight bob to a lightly wavy bob to one that is textured. Rihanna wore her hair in various types of bobs and through the years she has varied the length of them or the texture of them and she often changes the color of them but they are mostly still considered a bob style.

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When to Color Your Hair

hair coloring tips

When there is an even, women will most probably update an already existing style or they would change their style altogether. One rule not to miss when women want to color their hair before an event is not to have the procedure done the day before the event. This will not give them time to adjust or change the style or hair color when something goes wrong like having a bad shade.

If a woman would want to have permanent hair color, the coloring process should be done a few weeks prior to the big event. This is done so the color has time to settle in. If women still have no time to do some coloring and women should not choose some drastic color to avoid accidents.

A semi-permanent color may also be done a few weeks before but if a woman applies a do-it-yourself kit, she needs to apply the color a few days before the big day so the color will still be at its best state.

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A Timeless Pixie Cut

Jennifer Lawrence

In the 1960s American movie actress Mia Farrow and Twiggy, a British supermodel brought the pixie to the forefront of hairstyle fashion followed by Goldie Hawn, “Laugh-In” star. Since then it has never really gone out of style and has been worn by women of all ages and station in life all over the world. Today celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Rihanna and many more have worn the pixie at one time or the other. A pixie cut range from short to very short. It can be a half inch in some places to up to two or three inches in some places.

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