Short Asymmetrical Hairstyles

Side Swept Bob - Asymetrical Style

Fashion is an important talk anywhere you go. Being able to express yourself does not mean that you can do whatever you look you wanted. Sometimes too much expressing of one’s self can result to horribleness of one person. Terrible dresser is a bad thing to normal human eyes. Since we are too distinctive on our physical appearance which includes the clothing that we use to make us look elegant or fashionably appealing to everyone we must consider the totality of appearance. Fashion does not just talk to our clothing nor shoes or bags that we use but also to how we wear, are crowning glory which refers to our hair. Do you know that there are different kinds of short asymmetrical haircuts for women? Different kinds of short asymmetrical haircuts for women are considered to soothe the different types of women all over the globe. Fashion also includes make ups and nail polish. To hav...

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Colors as a Fashion Statement in 2014

Colors make a lot of difference to an outfit. And women who know color will always choose colors that compliment their complexion as well as their body shape. They also opt for colors that make them feel and look great and colors that manifest their personality and they consider as their own fashion statement To give you an idea of what the colors that you prefer signify and what it says about you. Check this out:

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Cute Short Everyday Hairstyle for Spring & Summer 2014

Louise Thompson - Everyday Short Hair Idea 2014

There are cute everyday hairstyles that will make you look wonderfully pretty even with the minimum of maintenance. These hairstyles will relieve the boredom of your everyday hair styling habit and give you the confidence to face your peers knowing that you look good. Here is an idea of a cute everyday hairstyle for spring & summer of 2014:


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Love It or Hate It – Hair Coloring

Short Colored Hair by Pamela Anderson

Coloring your hair can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your style and overall look. Many women get their hair colored in a timely manner each month to keep it looking beautiful and the color they want, and many change colors often to get a new and different look each time. There are many things to consider before you decide to get some color to your hair, however. Keep these in mind before you go under the dye.

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Trendy Short Hairstyles Worn by Celebrities

"The Hungover Games" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

In the fashion world, trends come and go. If you’re someone who likes to stay on top of the latest trends, it can be tricky with how quickly the trends change. Some trends are great, like the revival of the pixie cut. Other trends, aren’t so great, and most are quite happy when they fade away. This year is no exception – there are plenty of trends to go around.

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