Rihanna, World Famous Hair Trend Setter


When traipsing the red carpet, Rihanna won’t ever disappoint her adoring public. Almost always, she will be her usual stunning self in a fabulous outfit paired with a different hairstyle that usually bowls them over. One day she would be wearing a brunette bob, the next day she flaunts flaming red hair.

Rihanna, the hairstyle chameleon, is one style icon that has gone through the whole gamut of hairstyles and hair color. One day she would be wearing a brunette bob, the next day she flaunts flaming red hair. Today she is a glamorous blonde, tomorrow, who knows, a striking red head again or maybe a subtler brunette. It really is difficult to keep up with Rihanna’s ever changing hairstyles since she has had so many hairstyle changes since she erupted in the music scene and conquered the hearts of millions with her hit songs.

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Pinned Hairstyles

Hairstyle Idea 2016

Every woman is keen to experiment her hair with bobs, short curls and other voguish hairstyles. There are many options for hairstyles to be worn and every hair style has its own texture. If you desire to stand out from the crowd and are ready to take the plunge of something unusual and bold then it is the time. Old and golden age hairstyles of Hollywood are making a comeback this summer and are mostly pin up hairstyles. They not only provide a unique hairdo but also make your looks more gorgeous. Before opting for a pinned hairstyle it is better to know a little about them. This will help you deciding which hairstyle will suit you the best.

One of the best and most well known pinned hairstyles includes the French twist hairstyle at the top of the list. For this hairdo you will need to make a low pony tail and then fold it in the upward direction and by using a hairpin, secure its last tuck. Many women celebrities have wore this style and still are wearing it. It has been a trend in the early 80s and now has appeared again. Messy bun is also very famous pinned hairstyles which includes messy hair strands loosely falling out of the bun. Other good pinned hairstyles are updos. Updos are the best option for black women. You can increase your appearance by adding additional accessories with your pinned hairstyles. Most of these hairstyles make neckline prominent and thus wearing a necklace will help it gaze sexy and beautiful.

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Girl’s Hairstyles That Guys Love

cute short haircut style

Most women will never admit that their choice of clothes and hairstyles depend on what guys like but almost all will surely admit that it is of interest to know what guys prefer. Although, guys and girls don’t really see eye to eye on what constitute as great hairstyles, a good number of girls are very much interested in knowing what guys favor in the hairstyle department. There are times when girls think that guys don’t really pay much attention on what girls wear or what hairstyles they sport, but in truth, guys have plenty of ideas and a lot to say on how they want girls to look. Here are some girl’s hairstyles guys love so take note girls:

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Simple Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

As we get older, we may start to notice a little bit of hair loss here and there. The fact is hair loss is a natural thing in both men and women. There are some ways that you can avoid hair loss. This is a simple guide that will tell you everything that you need to know!

Poor diet can be a very bid cause of hair loss. Most people who do not eat a healthy diet are more likely to lose their hair earlier than others. Along with a healthy diet, you should also add some exercise in as well. This will allow you to not only avoid hair loss, but live a longer life!

Look at the type of conditioner that you use on a daily basis. In order to prevent hair loss you need a deep conditioner. You should wash with warm water on a daily basis. You can also even look into a vitamin enriched shampoo.

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