How to Get a Short Hairstyle After Having Long Hair


Many of you may have long hair. You have look at a celebrity or someone else and seen how lovely their hair looked at the party last night. They had a short hairstyle that just blew people off their feet when they entered the room. Well you to can have that same hairstyles even if you have long hair.

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Easy Daily Hairstyles for Curly Hair


Most women find it difficult to style and maintain their hair and many prefer having just a ponytail for the ease of it. It becomes particularly difficult if one has curly hair as these hairs tend to frizz. However, if done right, curly hair is one of the best looking hairs and you can easily style it in different ways making it look absolutely beautiful.

It is best to avoid shorter hairs if you have curly hair, as the curls make the hairs look even shorter. Also, curls look best on thin hair and if you have hard hair, it would be good to ask your hair stylist to make it thinner.

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Try the Razor Cutting Through Your Hair


The different hairstyles the hairdressers keep coming up with are so interesting and special but only some of them seem to suit our hair and shape of face. It is so important that the hairstyle we like should suit our looks and overall personality. We can now take a look at the razor cut hairstyle which is unique and special in its own way. This has been a common trend among teenagers and adults. Razor cut has been in fashion for quiet sometime and still many college goers love to have this hairstyle on.

Razor cut is nothing but simply cutting your hair using a razor following some basic tips. This can be achieved by our selves at home also. The best thing would be to ask your brother/sister or friend to help you out with this. But one needs to be careful enough before taking the decision of trying the razor cut without the help of a hairdresser as it could end up spoiling the hair.

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The Benefits of Sporting a Short or Medium Hairstyle

There are umpteen benefits if you are choosing a short or a medium length haircutfor yourself. Out of which, the main advantages are:

1. You can make the most of all the styles, dominant in fashion, as what can work with long and short hair lengths, can also work well with medium hairstyles….well, not all…but yes, most styles do work well with medium lengths.

2. Medium hairstyles is the best option when you have facial features which are not totally flawless……you can have the best medium length hair styles for which frame your features well and also highlight the best ones. Since, the length of the hair is neither too short, nor too long, ideally all facial shapes can look awesome with medium styles. But, more so, with imperfections, which are not so rare, this is the hair style to sport.

Kelly Lynch - Hairstyle

3. Flexibility in style is another benefit for all medium hair lengths and cuts. You can leave your hair lose, partially tied or fully done-up in a chignon or bun or even a pony tail. Just ensure the ends of your hair are not runny and split or dry and you can always fix you’re a style to match your mood!

4. Safe to experiment with, medium hair length is something which will not appear as a drastic makeover. So whether you are going from long to short or vice-versa, medium hairstyles are the best to avoid any shocks!

Jemima Rooper - Hairstyle

5. If its summer, tie them up…if its winter, let them down. Yes, that is the beauty of medium hairstyles as they are not too short to tied up and neither too long to make them difficult to manage when let down and loose.

Noomi Rapace - Hairstyle

6. Short and medium hairstyles do not need much of maintenance. Whether it’s a hair spa, or a regular massage and conditioning, medium hairstyles suit all life styles as well as age groups.

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