2015 Short Prom Hairstyles Tips

Prom Hairdo 2015

Short Prom Hairstyles Tips for 2015 Prom Night

A prom is one of the memorable events of a student’s life. It is therefore very important that your memories of it are pleasant and wonderful. And an excellent way to ensure that is to look beautiful and stunning at your prom. The dress, shoes and accessories you wear are just the icing on the cake. What is essential in looking physically good during your prom are your hair and make-up.

Nowadays, ladies attending a prom are no longer bound to elegant hairdos or long and flowing hairstyles. Lately prom short hairstyles have become trendy as well.

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How To Wear Victoria Beckham’s Short Haircut

Bob Hairstyle by Victoria Beckham

It wasn’t so long ago that Victoria Beckham was into wearing long hair extensions. However, in recent times, she has been known to wear shorter haircuts.

One of the most famous Victoria Beckham’s hairstyles was the asymmetrical bob haircut which was unique to her own and as such, commonly known as the Posh Bob or Pob for short. Victoria Beckham’s Pob is somewhere in between messy, tousled, sleek and smooth.

The main objective of this is haircut is to move hair forward and to frame the face; up to the point where your facial features are almost obscure in the way that the hair falls and partly covers one side of the eye.

Although the haircut can suit almost any kind of hair texture and volume, be sure to work with a hair stylist with enough skill and expertise and one who is comfortable in texturing your hair via the straight razoring technique. Be sure to get yo...

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Hair Care Myths That You Need To Know

Short Hairstyle 2015

There are hundreds of myths out there about hair care. It seems as though every salon that you find yourself in has at least 3 or 4 myths that they like to share. Take a look at these common myths that are commonly mistaken for hair care truth.

Myth One: Trim your Hair to make it grow!
Many people tend to believe that if they trim their hair at least once a month it will grow faster. It is known that your hair grows a half inch each month. This does not depend on whether you trim your hair or not. This is simply how our bodies work.

Myth Two: Your Stress Level causes Hair Loss
Everyone is under some sort of stress these days but that is not grounds for hair loss. A typical person will lost anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair naturally per day. Those who do encounter a higher level of stress may lose more hair than others but not at a rapid pace.

Myth Three: You can Use Hair Products to Fix Split Ends
Let’s face it; split ends are a pain to deal with. But the truth is, once you find split ends, there is no magic product to fix them. The only real thing that you can do is see your hair stylist or trim your hair yourself.

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Why Short Hair Rules

Short hairstyles are the best

There are many advantages to having short hair. Okay, maybe our idea of beauty is long golden Rapunzleesque tresses but in reality short hair really does rock.
Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. Think about the time you’ll save blow drying and styling. I don’t know about you but I really hated blow drying my hair when it was long. Long, thick hair takes up so much time and in the summer you can end up hotter and sweatier than you were before you showered. Short hair can often be blow dried and styled in just a minute or two and that certainly rocks in my book.

2. Short hair is generally a more unique look than longer hair. Walking around the mall you’ll see endless beauties with the same type of hair – long and blonde or long, black and luscious. Short hair is much more ...

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