2016 Medium Length Layered Hairstyles for Teens


For teenage girls who are looking for a way to perk up their looks, a change of hairstyle is a great way to achieve this goal without too much effort and hassle. Fortunately there are a multitude of stylish hairstyles to choose from this season. These trendy hairstyles will offer a teenager an instant makeover that will truly impress. Check out the following medium length layered hairstyles for teens and see if there is one that suits your face shape:

Choppy layered medium length hairstyle for teens
Choppy layered hairstyles are a fun way to sport medium length hair. It is a very contemporary and trendy haircut that does wonders to the facial features and a sure way to make a teenage girl a real hottie. Choppy layers add definition to the hair and have the magical power to breathe new life to tired-looking tresses. Choppy layers also add volume and movement to the hair and are the best solution for thin or fine hair.

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2016 Wedding Hairstyles & Hair Accessories

wedding hair tips 2016

Your wedding is the most special day of your life. For this very momentous occasion, you ought to be the most beautiful. Your hairstyle and hair accessories are essential to how you will look on this special day. Here are some gorgeous 2016 wedding hairstyles and hair accessories that you can get ideas from to make you truly looking fabulous and beautiful on your wedding day:

• A classic bun highlighted with gold accessories
A classic bun is a very romantic updo that is made more wonderful with a gold ribbon headband and antique brooch clipped on the side of the bun as wedding hair accessories.

• Old Hollywood updo
One spectacular wedding hairstyle is the old glam, Hollywood style worn by Scarlett Johansson for the Golden Globe Awards night. it is a spectacular glamorous updo inspired by the 40s and 50s old Hollywood glam. The hair is combed back away from the face to create an updo that blends movement and softness with tight set of curls throughout the hair directed up to the crown.

• Geisha inspired bun
A Geisha inspired bun is a fabulous wedding hairstyle and Keisha Buchanan’s Geisha – inspired high bun with a full fringe accented with a flower on the side is tops. The top front hair is teased at the roots and all the hair except the bangs, is gathered and twisted and twirled around the base to create a bun then fasten it with pins, allowing the bun to be a little messy for style.

• Grecian – inspired updo
A soft and roman tic Grecian-inspired updo draped with strands of diamonds like that of January Jones is a lovely wedding hairstyle especially when matched with a Grecian-inspired gown. In recreating this updo hairstyle, you can replace the strands of diamonds with strands of rhinestones as hair accessory.

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Aging, Change the Hairstyles or Not

hair coloring tips

A lot of women seem to have a very hard time changing their hairstyles. For some reason, whether it is they are used to it or they can’t imagine looking another way, many woman won’t make this change. They may change the way they dress as they age but won’t do anything different with the hairstyles.

At least once in a lifetime every woman should at least try a different hairstyle. Even though the hair may not grow back as thick and long as when you were younger, it will grow. If the hair is very long try getting it cut just to the shoulders. If it has always been shoulder length, get it cut to just below the ears. Try some soft waves or bangs. If it has always been in a bee hive, let it down and get it cut shorter. You will be amazed how it will make you look.

If you are one of those women who really don’t want to get a new hairstyle then at least try getting the ends clipped a bit shorter. Perhaps get some wisps at the sides or have a hairstylist give you some bangs. Since hair grows if you really hate the changes then let them grow back out. Salt and pepper hair looks great in a tousled style. If you are lucky enough to have your hair change color in this way, it should be shown off. Just letting it flow down the back doesn’t show it off.

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The Best Haircut for Your Body Shape

short haircut style

A flattering hairstyle is important to give a dazzling appearance to your personality. A good hairstyle can highlight your best asset and make you look your younger. Always consider a haircut, which best suits, body shape. The hair texture should also be taken into consideration before going for a haircut. A perfect balance between a suitable hairstyle and a particular body shape determines a good look. There are few haircuts that suit a particular body shape.

The main objective for this kind of hairstyle should be to add some body and curve to the hair. Medium length and wavier hairstyles gives a feminine touch to the face. Long bangs and layers also suit this body type. However, with this body shape one should avoid long and straight hair, which further adds to their slimness.

For full and curvy body type:
Medium-length, layered haircut best suits this body shape. Side-partings and bangs also look good to this figure type. Too long hair should be completely avoided. Long and curly hair doesn’t suit them as well.

For petite body shape:
Medium or short length hair with layers go with their body shape. Smooth, loose hair gives them a professional look. Too long or too short hairstyle doesn’t suit them. High ponytails or braids should also be avoided.

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