Pixie Cut by Pink

Pink with Pixie Cut

Pink offers the woman with short hair a grab bag of hairstyles to choose from. With spikes or a pixie cut, there is no doubt that her differing colors and styles make her a fashion icon. Women everywhere want to duplicate her styles, and figure out how she gets them to stay in place. The pixie hairstyle is her most used cut, and takes about 20 minutes to create. There are no irons or curling irons used, simply the use of smoothing shine, molding cream and hair spray are used to keep the locks in place.

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2015 Short Hairstyles Ideas – Haircuts with Bangs

2015 Short Hairstyle Idea Bangs

Looking for a new short hairstyle for 2015 season and you want to incorporate bangs in to yours new short do’? Following are some of the best short length hairstyles with side bangs.

Cut Side Swept Bangs: This is a great option if you have a broad forehead. Properly styled side bangs can make the face look thinner and stylish.

Layered Short Hair with Side Bangs: Layers are a good option if you want to add volume to the hair. Short layered hairstyles can be combined with stylish side swept bangs to give you a unique look. The bangs may be kept long or short as per your choice.

Bangs with Wavy Short Hair: This style looks nice if you have natural wavy hair. Women with straight hair can use some products or techniques to make the hair wavy. Side swept bangs with wavy hair gives a voluminous look to the hair.

Medium Bob with side Swept Bangs: The bob cut has a timeless appeal and is versatile to go with different hairstyles. With medium length hair, you could opt for a blunt bob that frames the face. This softens the facial features considerably. The blunt bob can be combined with side swept bangs to complete a sophisticated look. The length of the side bangs can be uniform for a conventional look. Opt for asymmetric side bangs if you want a style that is different and unique.

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Short to Medium Hairstyles Ideas for Girls with a Diamond Face Shape

Diamond Face Shape

This type of a face is generally considered a well balanced shape as the jaw line and the forehead are almost equal in width. The broadest or widest area is around the cheekbones. Some famous celebrities with diamond shaped faces are Sophia Loren and Katherine Hepburn. Some trendy hairstyles which suit these faces are:

1. If you possess straight silky tresses, you can experiment with medium length layers which have been subtly cut, and the effect has been created to make the edges appear weightless. You can opt for a side part, which will make your face look elegant. This hair style looks well balanced on a diamond-shaped face and does not require much of maintenance. You can sport this look as you grow your hair from medium to long. This style even goes well with long hair lengths.

Karlie Kloss Hairstyle Idea for Diamond Face Shape

Karlie Kloss Hairstyle for Diamond Face Shape

2. This hairstyle is full of oomph and attitude. It has been created by cutting the hair in layers which are equal all over. This hairstyle has bangs as an integral part of the entire look and it imparts a kind of softness to the style. This style goes well with wavy hair though, as straight hair would fall limp if cut in such layers.

3. If you are in the process of growing your hair longer, but already sport nice medium length tresses, you can still look cool and your part in this hairstyle, which has bangs cut rather bluntly to allow the style to frame your face. This hair style is simple, yet classy. It looks good even when tied in a pony tail and if you are planning an evening out, you can choose to leave your hair lose as well.

4. Coming to medium hairstyles for a woman who has a diamond-shaped face and curly hair, it is ideal infuse more bounce as well as body to the natural curls. The hair can be cut in simple graduating layers which are not too profound. The bangs are optional and are left smoothened out to create a versatile look.

5. Another nice hairstyle to suit wavy as well as curly hair is when the hair has been cut in uniform layers all through the sides and the back. This gives a more balanced look and is right for longish faces.

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Highlighting Medium Length Hair in 2015

The attractive look is complete, when is all is taken care of from head to toe. While the dress and the cosmetics are in place, one needs to look at ways in which the hair can be styled fashionably and in a trendy way. One option is that of highlighting the hair. And if the salon charges are too heavy on the wallet then one can always opt for at home highlighting kits. And it is not all that difficult to highlight medium length hair.

There are ready to use highlighting medium length hair kits. And with a little help from someone at home, one can get the perfect salon finish. However, while doing so at home, one needs to also be aware of after-highlighting maintenance and care methods. This information is generally published in various magazines and newspapers in sections meant for women and fashion tips.
Here is a step-by-step process of highlighting hair at home:

  • First one needs to get a highlighting kit that consists of the highlighting cap, or comb, along with the brush. If the kit contains the cap then there is also a hook, which is used to pull out strands.
  • When picking up the kit one has to decide the color. Remember it should not be a flashy color and should go well with the skin tone, so that it does not look too loud. One should also select a brand that is recommended and used by experts in their salons.
  • When highlighting, the hair has to be completely dry.
  • Ideally, highlight the hair in the bathroom, or if in the room then cover the floor where you will be seated with a couple of sheets of newspaper.
  • If using a cap then use the hook carefully ensuring the hair does not break.
  • Mix the color with the coloring agents in the prescribed proportion.
  • Start coloring the portions that have to be highlighted.
  • Wait for about half an hour before washing.
  • Wash with moisture rich shampoo and conditioner. There are also color enhancing and color protecting shampoos and conditioners.
  • Dry and style the hair as desired.

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The Hottest Hairstyles for Winter 2015

2015 Hairstyle for Winter

Every girl wants a haircut style that will look chic, cute and sexy and as we’re getting closer to cold winter months, it’s time to get an new hair look for 2015 season. While shorter locks were huge this summer, women are opting for longer styles this season. Many of the most popular styles are grown-out versions of shorter cuts. Talk to your hairstylist about ways you can grow out your current style while still keeping your hair attractive.

If you already have long hair, you may want to consider braids. Braids are extremely popular this season, and can add a lot of style to a simple look. One very popular type of hairstyle is the fishtail braid. This type of braid is very easy to achieve, and works well with both casual and more formal looks.

Hairstyle Idea for 2015 Season

Braided up-dos are also very popular. Many women are wearing a crown braid, and then putting the rest of their hair back in a ponytail or a bun. This is romantic and beautiful look that can be worn all fall and winter long.

2015 Braided Hairstyle

As the weather gets colder, many people want to find hairstyles that they can wear under a warm hat. A shaggy, medium-length bob is a terrific choice. It looks attractive even when it’s a little bit messy, and is very easy to style and re-style after taking off a hat.

Mid Length Bob Hairstyle 2015

If you’re looking for a new look for this season, try one of these looks. They’re very easy to wear, and are very attractive and stylish looks. Don’t fall into a hair slump this season. Try out something that’s both new and exciting. You should feel good about your hair.

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